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He bonds that connect rubber molecules are coiled like springs. his allows them to bounce back to their starting point. he bonds that hold the molecules in the plastic bag can stretch, but they do not bounce back. W T T T P Chapter One age 8 T age 26 Chapter Two Matter cannot be created or destroyed. But it can change from one state to another. s the fruit decays, it will shrink and change shape. You will also see tiny drops of water on the glass. hese drops are from gases released from the fruit.

Ew York: owerKids, osen, 2007. ) H W illiams, Zella. Experiments with Solids, Liquids, and Gases. html E asy-to-understand explanations of the behavior of solids, liquids, and gases c sc R eal World ien e: Matter 31 Index carbon dioxide, 25–27 ceramic, 9 chemical bonds, 5, 6, 8 dry ice, 25–27 elasticity, 7–9 freezing point, 15–16 gases, 5–6, 18–23 gasoline, 19 glass, 10, 14 gold, 9 hail, 16 heat, 7, 21 human body, 25 ice, 15–16 pressure, 7, 21–22 pressurized gas, 22 malleable solids, 9 matter defined, 4–5 gases, 5–6, 18–23 liquid, 5, 6, 11–17 properties of, 24 recycling of, 27–28 solid, 5, 6–10 states of, 5–6 mercury, 24, 25 metals, 25 molecules defined, 5 gas, 19–22 liquid, 11–13 solid, 6 eal orld Science Challenge, 8, 13, 21, 26, 28 rivers, 14 rock, 6 W boiling point, 16–17 brittle solids, 9, 10 lakes, 14 liquid matter, 5, 6, 11–17 R air pressure, 21 alcohol, 13 aluminum, 9 atoms, 5, 8, 10 snow, 16 solid matter, 5, 6–10 states of matter, 5–6 steam, 17 temperature and air pressure, 21 and pressure, 21–22 and viscosity, 15–16 thermometers, 25 tight bonds, 6 natural gas, 22, 23 nitrogen, 18 viscosity, 14–15 volume, 19 oceans, 14 oxygen, 18 water, 6, 12, 13 boiling point of, 16–17 freezing point of, 15–16 About the Author A Heather Miller is the author of more than 35 books for children.

Look inside to learn about the different forms of matter. • • • • • A Changing Earth Animals Earth’s Biomes Ecosystems Electricity and Magnetism • • • • Plants Protecting Ecosystems Rocks and Minerals Soil Matter The Real World Science series provides a hands-on approach to science. It examines basic concepts, supported by student activities and exercises that will engage students in the processes and skills that are essential to scientific discovery and learning. Other titles in the series include: Real World science Matter To guide your reading, look for these notes that will help build the understanding and skills you’ll need in the 21st century.

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